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Membership Info

When a "Fierce" teen commits to the Fiercely Changing the Game family, they commit to an 18-week development program. Depending on the teen's commitment level, that will determine the best program for them. During this program, FCG mentors will help teens explore & develop in 5 key subject areas:

  1. Faith

  2. Self-Esteem

  3. Positive Stability

  4. Responsibility/Accountability

  5. Community Activism

During the program, teens get the opportunity to participate in

  • Getting to "know yourself" Deep Dive Discussions

  • Life Skills Demonstrations & Activites

  • Community Volunteering

  • Social & Developmental Projects

  • Goal Setting Activities

  • Public Speaking Engagements

  • Career Preparation Seminars

  • Leadership Improvement Training

  • many many more...

Membership Levels

Woman with Funky Nails

Event Only Teen Membership

In this membership level, the teen will only attend events held by Fiercely Changing the Game. Teen will not receive a FCG workbook, will not be required to follow FCG program and will not have scheduled one on one meetings (meetings may be requested)

Happy Family

Fierce Teen Membership

This is the standard program, and the teen will receive

  • FCG development workbook

  • Attend FCG events

  • Weekly rotational one-on-one meetings

The teen will be required to be an active participant during the 18-week program​

Dancing on Rooftop

Elite Fierce Teen Membership (Invite Only)

The fierce teen has already completed:

  • At least one 18-week program

  • Completed all FCG workbook assignments

  • Given elite status by FCG mentors

Teen will then follow a leadership/life skills program.

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