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Teacher and Student


Mentoring relationships are a shared opportunity for learning and growth. Many mentors say that the rewards they gain are as substantial as those for their mentees, and that mentoring has enabled them to:

  • Have fun

  • Achieve personal growth and learn more about themselves

  • Improve their self-esteem and feel they are making a difference

  • Gain a better understanding of other cultures and develop a greater appreciation for diversity

  • Feel more productive and have a better attitude at work

  • Enhance their relationships with their own children

  • Above all, a good mentor is willing to take the time to get to know their mentee, to learn new things that are important to the young person, and even to be changed by their relationship.


The volunteer's schedule needs to be flexible to meet the needs of young people in different kinds of situations. Mentors can meet with their mentees on the weekend, evenings or after school.​ If you are interested in becoming an FCG mentor, please complete the form below. FCG takes mentoring seriously and only qualified individuals will be contacted (background checks may apply).

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