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Image by John Cameron

Our Community

A well-run mentoring program not only creates a short-term sense of community amongst its participants, but it also makes possible an enhanced long-term sense of community within the organization as a whole. It can help break down organizational silos by bringing together people from different teams, departments or geographies.

A strong, local community has active participants who solve problems together. It makes the place in which you live a better place for everyone. Getting involved in your community is giving back to the place in which you live. It’s about helping make your home the best that it can be for you and your neighbors. Here are reasons you should examine why getting involved in your community is worthwhile, and how you can make a positive impact.

Here at FCG, we want our teens to actively participate in the community and help mold and shape where the interact daily.  Taking part in your community can play a crucial role in fostering a vibrant and healthy society. When you give back to those around you, you make your own life better and help improve the lives of those around you as well.

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